GAZTREA is a Modern Metal Band from Germany, challenging the boundaries of music and art in ever-changing concepts and genre-bending sounds.

The band was formed in 2018 by guitarists Sai and Momo and vocalist Kal, who met at a concert. Influenced by japanese Visual Kei bands,  they shared the wish to create a musical experience which also expresses emotions and moods in a unique visual presentation. In May 2018, they released their first EP “Decisions”, followed by the single “Another Ending” later that year, which were both well received by the European Visual Kei community.

With a heavier musical direction and a strong involvement of guitarist Momo’s vivid, detailed artwork, GAZTREA crafted their second EP ‘Incantation”. Exploring a darker concept based around witchcraft and ominous rituals, the EP released in June 2019 in two versions, landing them the title ”Newcomer of the Month” in Orkus! Magazine.

After playing live shows all around Germany with bands like Esprit D’Air and VII ARC and supporting Mister Misery on their “The Unalive Tour”, GAZTREA went back into their home studios in 2020 and embarked on the journey of writing their first full length album. Starting with their new song ”Sunrise”, a number of singles foreshadows the upcoming album ”CELESTIA” that will not only explore new territories both soundwise and visually.



Genre:     Metal / Visual Kei
Origin:    Hamburg, Germany
Label:      self-produced & distributed


Press Coverage

"Die halbe Stunde, die GAZTREA auf der Bühne standen, ging leider viel zu schnell zu Ende, allerdings mit einem wirklich bleibenden Eindruck. Die letzten Töne, die der Sänger anschlug, waren so hoch, das man es so schnell nicht vergessen wird."  
Sharpshooter Pics
"tighte Gitarre, wuchtiger Bass, knackige Drums und über allem thronend Sänger Kal mit einem mix aus Shouting, clean Vocals, angetäuschten Ausflügen in Opernbariton-Gefilde und garniert mit gelegentlichen, ultrahohen Screams , die so manchen Power Metal-Sänger unbarmherzigst deklassieren."
Count Your Bruises Magazine
"GAZTREA vereinen Visual Kei, Metalcore, Pop und Gothic zu einer erlesenen Melange, deren einzelne Aromen die Geschmacksnerven verwöhnen. Ihr enormer Facettenreichtum offenbart sich mit jedem Schluck etwas mehr." 
- Orkus! Magazin

Live History

Release History

29th February 2020
 – Opening for “Mister Misery” on their “The Unalive Tour”
   @ LUX Hannover

8th March 2020
– Chizuru Festival @ FZW Dortmund

17th August 2019
 – Main Act for “Nipponcon Bremen” 

1st June 2019 
– Charity Concert for “Lass Tausend Steine Rollen. Rock statt Drogen ” 
   @ Trockendock Hamburg

13th April 2019 
 – Alternative V-Rock Invasion Festival  @ Don’t Panic Essen

21st December 2018
 – “Jahresabschlusskonzert” @ Räuber & Rebellen

15th December 2018
 – Christmas Concert @ Trockendock Hamburg 

23rd June 2018 
 – Main Act for “BamCon Bremen” 

    • 17th March 2022
      Single “The Rumbling” release
    • 14th August 2020
      Single “Moonlight” release

    • 12th June 2020
      Single “Sunrise” release

    • 17th April 2020
      Single “Ultraviolet” release

    • 28th June 2019
      EP “Incantation” digital & physical release in 2 version

      • 20th May 2019
        Single “Feather & Void” release

      • 13th December 2018
        Single “Cloud Symmetry” release

      • 28th July 2018
        Single “Another Ending”  release

      • 30th May 2018
        EP “Decisions” release

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